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Employment Application

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Applicant’s Information


Recruitment Information

Use of Spray equipmentRollerBrushUse of Man Lift/BoomPainting from ladders and Aerial PlatformsUse of ScaffoldingUse of Lulls


How did you learn about this company and position?

Job advertisement

Employee referral


10 Hour OSHA Safety Course/wallet cardLull/Forklift operator safety cardAny special coatings certificates


For each level of schooling below, please write the school name, the city and state where it is located, your major and minor subjects, and the degree or diploma you received.

Work History

Starting with your current or most recent employer, please provide the following information about the last three companies for which you have worked.

Employer 1 (current or most recent)

Employer 2

Employer 3

Applicant Consent

Please carefully read the statements below and initial each one to indicate that you understand and agree to the terms stated. Then sign this form at the bottom.

I certify that all information I have supplied on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that omissions or providing deliberate misinformation will disqualify my application and, if hired, would serve as grounds for dismissal.

I give consent to GOGGANS, LLC to contact the employers listed on this form for my employment references. I authorize these individuals to provide truthful information regarding my employment and previous work experience. In doing so, I waive liability against the employers and individuals contacted as my references, provided the information they supply is honest, factual and given without malice.